A White Winter Wedding

I am typing this in Malaysia and will be in Hong Kong for Christmas, so no chance of a white Christmas for me.  I will make up for it with some white wedding inspiration!  There is something so timeless and elegant about a white wedding.

1. Aruna B. Photography via 100 Layer Cake  2. Kristin Vining Photography via SMP  3. Jose Villa Photo via SMP  4. Mikkel Vang via Martha Stewart  5. Image via Alee and Press

Helpful Hint: Number Your RSVP Cards


Using your numbered guest list, write the corresponding numbers in a light pencil on the back corner of each RSVP card.  It will lessen any confusion if a guest sends the card back and you can't decifer their writing.  I have also had guests forget to write in their name at all!  

Image via Minted


My friend commented that this was also very helpful at her wedding.  Being a Korean couple, there were 25 LEEs and 30 WONGs in their guest list.  Not easy to figure out if someone replies "Mr. & Mrs. Lee", unless you number your cards.