Seven Tips on Gown Shopping

  1. Be open minded and try on different styles of gowns.  You could be surprised at what you may end up liking.  Even if you do not like it on the hanger, try it on.  Just because you are X body type, does not mean that Y silhouette will not suit.  Different designers have different ways of cutting and draping a gown that may work on you. 
  2. Once you have a date and venue set, start looking.  Gowns take 4-8 months to order.  You want to avoid rush fees.  Appointments at the weekend can also book up far in advance.
  3. Bring one or two people, whose opinion you really value and who have your best interests at heart.  Leave the entourage and super opinionated people at home.  Remember that this is your gown and your decision, which is more important than other people’s fashion advice.  You should choose what makes you feel most beautiful! 
  4.  Wear nude coloured underwear.  If you can wear makeup, it will help to give you a better idea of your overall look on the wedding day.  
  5.   If possible, bring pictures of gowns that you like, so you can give the consultant some direction on what kinds of gowns to pull. 
  6.  Do not feel like you have to try on X number of gowns before you make a decision.  Once you try something on that makes you feel amazing, go for it!  Some brides end up picking the very first gown they try on. Personally much like finding my partner, once I saw the right gown, I knew. 
  7. Once you have made the decision and placed your deposit, please stop looking.  Be confident and you will look fabulous on your wedding day!