Snowy Per Se Wedding

Do you remember that crazy snowstorm at the end of October last year?  We had a wedding that day!  This Bride and Groom were married at City Hall and had their dinner reception at Per Se.  Thinking that New York in the autumn would be lovely, we had arranged a walking tour of Greenwich Village for their guests.  Despite the snow and thunder, three quarters of their guests that had signed up for the walking tour donned their waterproof gear and braved the weather.  Bravo!  The entire wedding party made it to dinner on time too.  When you're eating at Per Se, you would be crazy not to.

Despite the very challenging weather that day, all the vendors involved in the wedding were not only on time, but also early, and executed everything beautifully.  I LOVE these people.  Thank you for doing such a wonderful job.

This picture was taken near the entrance of the Mandarin Oriental, where the Bride was getting ready in a suite.  Photography by Karen Wise, bouquet by Rountree Flowers, makeup by Lindsey Jones, dress by Jason Wu, shoes by Gucci, and a snowy Central Park in the background.

Even though we can plan a wedding to the smallest detail, there are unfortunately some things that we cannot control (thunder-snow being one of them).  When something doesn't go exactly as planned, remember the important things about a wedding - that you are marrying your love, and that you are celebrating with the most important people in your life.

Photography by Karen Wise