Do We Need a Videographer?

This is a question that many couples find themselves asking with regards to their wedding.  They already hired a photographer who is going to take amazing pictures.  The last thing they want is to have a giant video camera on someones shoulder with a huge light following them around all day.  They feel that the intimacy of their day will be compromised and shudder at the thought of their guests being interviewed on camera.With a little bit of homework, you can avoid all of these things and have a more real-life way to remember your day than anything I can think of.  Don't get me wrong, I love still photography.  When I was planning my own wedding, my photographer was so important to me that it was the first thing I chose after booking the venue and date.  A videographer is able to capture the day in a very different way.  The way your dress moves when you walk, the way the candle light flickers, the touching Father Daughter dance and the hilarious Best Man's speech.

Gone are the big cameras.  Some companies are using DSLRs like the Canon 5D Mark II.  Can you believe how small that thing is?  How good is the quality you ask?  The season finale of House was shot with this camera.

Gone are the 5 hour long home movies that you will never watch.  The editing that is done with the footage nowadays still astounds me.  These aren't videographers.  They are film makers that create 5-30 minute movies that you will watch over and over again.

When you choose your videographer, ask what type of camera they will shoot with, look up their work on their websites and blogs, and meet them in person.  If you are going to have someone around you for a large portion of your wedding day, you always want to make sure you get along with this person and are comfortable around them.  Lastly have fun being a movie star for a day!