South Africa

Four glorious days at the Madikwe Game Reserve, South AfricaMale Kudu

Female Impala


Making friends with a chameleon

Bachelor group of male Impala

Herd of Zebra

Wildebeest tagging along with the Zebra

One of the Big Five, African Buffalo.  We kept our distance

Baby Zebra less than a day old

Hard to see, but a Baboon is hidden in the crook of the tree on the lookout

African Wild Dog, second most endangered canine after the Ethiopian Wolf

We didn't realise there was an old elephant bull on the side of the road until we were almost on top of him.  He decided to charge our vehicle....

...but calmed down after a while

I never get tired to seeing another magnificent elephant

We were so lucky to be able to see a family of four Lion cubs, about 3-4months old

Seriously how cute is this...

Big Daddy

We stopped for a beer on the roadside and a white rhino and her baby walked up to us and circled before walking away.  Magical

It was my first time on a safari and I really hope not my last

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Happy Holidays!

My family is spread over London, Hong Kong and Malaysia.  I am so happy we all made it to Hong Kong to celebrate Christmas together.  For me the best part of any holiday is the food and sharing it with loved ones.  My sister is a genius in the kitchen, so she masterminded the dinner and we all pitched in to help.  For Christmas Eve, we had roast goose and a coca cola cooked ham.  Here is a picture of our buche de Noel.  I made the toadstools and a little frog out of fondant, since my 2 year old nephew loves frogs.  He did an excellent job icing the log.

This has been a very rewarding year for me.  I have planned weddings for some fantastic couples and I am excited about the weddings coming up in 2012.  I am so thankful for all the support that my family and friends have provided.  It has been lovely meeting new friends and working with talented people that continually inspire me.  I hope you have had a great year too.

Happy Holidays and have a wonderful New Year!

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Borough Market

New York has lots of museums, but I sometimes forget to take advantage of what is right around the corner.  It takes a flight across the Atlantic Ocean for me to get to a museum.  I visited the Saatchi Gallery earlier this week and the Natural History Museum today.  It was the exhibit for the annual wildlife photographer of the year.  I really wish that exhibit had New York as part of its tour.  The images are incredible.

Then I was off to Borough Market, a place I went to regularly when I lived in London.  Whenever I am travelling, eating the local food is one of my greatest pleasures and going to the local market is not far behind.  Borough Market is full of excellent British produce and International fare.

The restaurant Roast overlooks Borough market.  Any restaurant connected to a market is often worth a visit, and this was a great example.

Deep-fried whitebait with tartare sauce and lemon.

Goosnarch chicken legs with baked potato and winter mushrooms.

Mulled Bramley apple, cranberry and almond crumble with English custard.  Almost all my school dinners in Cambridge had pudding smothered in custard, so eating custard brings back childhood memories for me.  This was a much tastier, vanilla speckled version, compared to what I remembered!

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Proper Fish and Chips

Good eating continued today!   I stopped by Fish Works on Marylebone High Street for lunch.

A fish monger in the front and a fish restaurant at the back

I had the beer battered cod and chips.  The fish had a great crust and the meat was cooked perfectly.  The chips were proper fat chips, crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside.  Perfect for soaking up the malt vinegar on the side (skinny fries just can't do this effectively).  It came with mushy peas, which I thought might make me feel a bit better about myself, getting in one portion of vegetables.  However the mushy peas tasted so good, that I'm sure there was a decent amount of butter in it.  Ahh well.  Really tasty stuff.  I might have to go back for one more visit before I leave.

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Visit to London

After landing in London last night, I grabbed a Cornish pasty before getting getting some shut eye.  This morning, I had breakfast at an amazing French bakery Paul, one of my favourite places.  A cappuccino and a ham and emmental croissant was the perfect start to my day.

I lived in the Cambridge for eleven years and London for two years, so I have many fond memories of the UK.  I liked hearing the many accents as I walked around London.  It has been a while since I heard "innit?".  It made me smile.

It was great catching up with my friends today.  I had a full english breakfast for lunch at Kopapa.  Dinner was at the restaurant at St John Hotel (Fergus Henderson is known for Nose to Tail Eating).  For breakfast tomorrow I picked up some crumpets.  Nothing like toasted crumpets with real butter.  I really should have worked out more before this trip.

London is such a beautiful city.  It feels good to be back for a week.

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A Trip to Tuscany

Sorry for the lack of blog posts last week.  I was in Tuscany for a week with my family.  We really love visiting Italy and have been back repeatedly for summer vacations.  There is something about the delicious food, beautiful wine, and the friendly Italians that make for such a relaxing and enjoyable trip each time.  We have done trips to Sicily and Lake Orta, but Tuscany seems to get the most votes as we have been back there the most.  Last week we were at a beautiful villa in Maremma.These were our driving directions to the villa - "on your right you will see a long tree lined road with cypresses perfectly aligned. Turn right and continue for 2 km. until you reach a big stone on your right, drive upward till the property gate."  Don't you love that?   Definitely no road signs to be found.


We made a trip to a nearby family owned vineyard, where they had just begun the harvest.  All the grapes are harvested by hand from 6.00-11.15am over the course of two months by four people.  In December, there is only one family member that they trust to prune the seven hectares of vines, which he does again by hand. They make 30,000 bottles a year.  The hard work and hand crafted nature of their business is just incredible.  It does seem to be a lifestyle that agrees with them, as the 95 year old grandfather is still very active and fixes wooden furniture by hand.


Siena was only an hour drive away, so we made a day trip there.  There were many depictions of the town's emblem - a she-wolf suckling infants Romulus and Remus.  According to legend, Siena was founded by Senius, son of Remus, who was in turn the brother of Romulus, after which Rome was named.


There was plenty of vino,....


...delicious pasta that a lovely Italian lady Maria cooked...


...and my husband and sisters surprised me with an early birthday celebration.  My birthday is actually months away, but as my family is spread over Asia and Europe, they decided to celebrate my decade change in Italy.  My sister hand made this beautiful cake in London and brought it over to Italy with her!  She hand carried it on the plane and managed to sneak it through by saying it was my wedding cake.  Thank you so much to my family for a wonderful birthday!


My flight back to NY was cancelled due to Hurricane Irene.  I am writing this in London, on a short layover.  I may have to go hunting for some yorkshire pudding or bangers and mash later today.  I hope that all of you on the east coast stayed safe.

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