Flat Iron and West Village Engagement Pictures

I have lived on the border of Chelsea and Flat Iron for three years.  It has changed so much with the opening of new restaurants and the incredible markets at Eataly.  Breslin Bar and Dining Room has a really tasty full English breakfast and lamb burger.  John Dory is one of the few places in the city where I can find one of my favourite English dishes Kedgeree.  I also live a block away from Hill Country Fried Chicken (very dangerous for me).  

I am lucky to be steps away from the Flat Iron building, Madison Square Park and of course Shake Shack.  I think it makes for a great place to take engagement pictures.  You currently don't need a permit to shoot in Madison Square Park, unlike many of the other parks in Manhattan.  You can use the park, the Flat Iron building and colourful store fronts like Live Bait.  

Here are Meghan and Johan's sweet engagement pictures taken by the lovely Julia Newman in the West Village and Flat Iron District.  My favourite is the one of them next to the moving subway train.  I am really looking forward to working with Julia on their wedding at Bridgewaters later this year.  


Photos by Julia Newman

Cherry Blossom Engagement

Hanami ("flower viewing") is the Japanese tradition of enjoying the beauty of flowers, almost always meaning cherry blossoms or umi blossoms.  Carrina and Moses's engagement pictures were taken at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens, where Hanami is celebrated from April 2nd to May 1st.  

If your budget allows, I would recommend taking engagement pictures.  Unless you and your fiance happen to both be editorial models and are used to having your picture professionally taken, it allows you both to get comfortable with your photographer before the wedding.  My favourite pictures are always when the bride and groom look relaxed and not too posed.  You could take pictures at a location that has a personal meaning to you both, or somewhere beautiful that you will not be able to get to on the wedding day.  Some brides like to do a makeup trial the same day, so they see how it will look in pictures.

Photography by Christian Clothier.  Welcome to the blog!