Personal Touches

I love personal touches added to your wedding day.  This Bride and Groom met on an airplane!  Ron Ben-Israel Cakes captured this in an elegant way with simple little planes on a white vanilla cake with alternating layers of chocolate and hazelnut praline with hazelnut crunch filling.NY palace wedding - ang weddings and events - jen huang photography-17

NY palace wedding - ang weddings and events - jen huang photography-20

Cake by Ron Ben-Israel Cakes / Photography by Jen Huang Photography

A Wedding Cake of Cheese

I don't have much of a sweet tooth myself.  I would take a bowl of fries over an ice cream sundae.  At the end of a meal, I prefer to order the cheese plate instead of the sweet dessert.  Which seems to be what they decided to do at this wedding too.  I love this artfully created wedding cake made out of cheese wheels.  It still makes a beautiful picture and you can still cut it like you would a traditional tiered wedding cake.  Maybe choose the tier of brie, so it is easier to cut!

Catering by Babington House photography by Dominique Bader via Snippet and Ink