Farmhouse at Bedford Post

If you ever happen to be up in Westchester, or you just want to get out of the city, you should visit the Farmhouse at Bedford Post.  The drive is one hour from Manhattan, but the trip is totally worth it.  The food at the Farmhouse is so delicious!  My friends who love food as much as I do have been telling me to go for some time, and I was not disappointed.  The five course tasting menu actually turns out to be eight, as they bring out three amuse bouches before you even start.  The seafood broth in the second course and the suckling pig in the fourth were probably some of the tastiest things I have had in a while.  The fontina pasta with black truffles was also incredible.If you can make a weekend of it, stay at their 8 room inn, so you can really enjoy that wine list and not have to worry about driving home. I took a stroll around the place before dinner and it was so peaceful and pretty at dusk.

They have a yoga loft which they also use as an event space.  If you are having a smaller wedding and good food is really important to you, you should take a look into this intimate venue in an extraordinary setting.  I am definitely going back there for dinner again soon.  (Fun fact - Richard Gere is one of the owners).

Photography by Ang Weddings and Events

Per Se Weddings

I can't believe that I am planning not one but two weddings at Per Se!  Anyone who knows me knows how much I like talking about food, cooking food, planning restaurant visits, watching the cooking channel and enjoying a meal with good company.  I'm one of those people that plans what they are going to eat for dinner when they are still eating lunch.  I have been lucky enough to dine at Bouchon and Ad Hoc in California (both excellent), but I have never had the pleasure of dining at Per Se.  I am so excited to be planning two weddings there and working with clients that love good food.  It has incredible views of Central Park and I know the food will be an amazing exploration for the senses.  Those are going to be very lucky wedding guests.  

P.S. I can't help thinking about the vendor meal.

Our First Wedding Anniversary

It was our first wedding anniversary yesterday, and my husband and I went back to Wave Hill for a walk around the grounds.  When you have your wedding there, you become a member for a year, so we have been back a number of times to enjoy the gardens.  It was still as beautiful as I remembered it, with all the summer flowers out in bloom.  Wave Hill House is under restoration during 2011, but they are still accepting a limited number of tented weddings on the grounds. 

We decided to follow the tradition of a paper gift for the first anniversary.  My husband designed and printed a personalised stationary set for me.   It is so easy to send an email, text, facebook update or tweet.  Sometimes I think it is really nice to send someone a hand-written note.  I really love my present!  For his gift, I gave him Sports Illustrated's: The Golf Book.  We are both avid golfers, and it was the best book I found for spectacular pictures, history of the game and commentary on current golfers.  I have to admit, I think I read three quarters of the book before I gift wrapped it for him. 

To top off our day, we had a delicious meal at Anita Lo's Annisa, making our way through the gay pride parade in the West Village.  Congrats again to New York for being the latest state to legalize gay marriage! 


Photo by Susan Stripling.

From Wedding to Maternity Part I

I am so excited today to bring you pictures by Raquel Reis.  She was the photographer for Kathy and Ricky's beautiful wedding seven years ago at Lyndhurst.   Fast forward seven years later and Kathy is expecting a little boy!  On their seventh wedding anniversary, Raquel Reis completed the circle by taking maternity pictures of Kathy.  I love that they used their wedding photographer.  No greater compliment!  I especially love that they took them on their seventh anniversary.  Here are pictures of the wedding seven years ago, shot on film.  Watch this space for the maternity pictures, shot with a digital camera, to be posted tomorrow.  

Link to Part II


Photos by Raquel Reis

Pratt House

I had the pleasure of helping Annie Lee at a wedding at the beautiful Pratt House.  If you are looking for an intimate venue in the centre of Manhattan, I do think it is worth checking out.  The town house was built during 1919-1920 for Mr. and Mrs. Harold Irving Pratt.  Here are some reasons why I like it!

  • The multiple rooms in this venue help the event to flow, as guests move from one space to another for different parts of the evening.  No need to flip a room.
  • The exterior is limestone and the inside floors are parquet, oak or marble.  Check out the pictures of that marble staircase!  The building is really quite stunning, but still feels cozy at the same time.
  • Located on 68th St and Park Ave, you are very close to Central Park.  You could arrange for some pre-wedding pictures to be taken at the park and on the streets of New York.  I still love those yellow taxi cab shots.

Private Dining

Looking for a private room in a New York restaurant for a rehearsal dinner, bridal shower, anniversary or birthday celebration?  Instead of searching through individual restaurants' websites for their private event offerings, check out Dine Private.  A free website that enables you to search for private rooms by party size, cuisine and neighbourhood.  It will save you lots of time!  Dine Private lists details of each restaurant and includes pictures of the rooms.  If you see something interesting, do also check the linked restaurant's website.  I noticed some of the room capacities listed on Dine Private show capacity for a cocktail party instead of a sit down meal.  

One of my favourites is The Harrison, which seats up to 22 guests in their beautiful wine cellar below the main restaurant.