Story of Us

These stories of us by Katie Fischer Design are so fun and meaningful.  You can either choose a predesigned story of us or commission a custom story of us with custom illustrations.  Katie Fischer Design will interview you and get to know your story, discuss your illustration preferences and create a piece of art that is uniquely for you.  You could display this at the wedding during cocktail hour and hang it in your home after.  Thank you for sharing your work Katie.

Illustrations by Katie Fischer Design, Photography credit for Cate & Jason: Dan Gerdes

Helpful Hint: Collecting Mailing Addresses

In this digital age, your wedding may be the only time you ever need to ask your friends and family for their mailing addresses.  It can be a somewhat tedious task, especially if you have a large guest list.  A new website called Postable aims to make that job much easier and is free of charge.  Signing up takes barely a minute and this creates a personal url that you can copy and email to your wedding guests.  Using your personal link, your guests enter their mailing addresses and an address book is populated for you.  When you log back into your account, you can export the addresses to Excel, or as a CSV file for Gmail, your Apple address book, or your Microsoft Outlook address book.  The nice format in Excel also means you can pass this on to your wedding stationery designer with little additional work.  Postable even gives you an option to print the address labels yourself.  What a great idea!

Image by 1Canoe2 via Paper Crave


There is something I really love about using calligraphy at a wedding.  It is such an elegant art form.  The fact that it is a handmade and time-consuming process is really beautiful to me.  Here are some wonderful examples by very talented people.

1. Neither Snow  2. Clean Plate Pictures  3. Paperfinger by Emile Inc  4. Pretty Pen Jen by Anna Kuperberg  5. Neither Snow