Ring Bearer Book

One of our Brides did not want a traditional ring pillow, so she found a beautiful alternative.  A book with a hollow heart indentation to place the rings.  For the book cover, she used "Elements of Style", a classic grammar and writing book.  A book that both the Bride and Groom have sitting on their shelves at work.  It came with a magnetic closure to make sure the rings made it safely down the aisle with the little ring bearer.Harvard Club Wedding - Ang Weddings and Events - Moss & Isaac-1

Hollow book from Secret Safe Books / Photography by Moss & Isaac

Here Comes the Bride

Depending on the age of the ring bearer, sometimes we don't quite trust them to make it down the aisle with the actual wedding rings.  This here comes the bride sign is such a cute alternative and perfect for an outdoor wedding.  I am a huge fan of that grey polka dot bow tie as well!ring bearer

Photography by Leo Patrone Photography via Style Me Pretty