Edible Cups by LOLIWARE

We had a fun tasting of these handmade edible cups by LOLIWARE.  The cups are vegan, made with a base of fruit pectin and sweetened with evaporated cane sugar. They hold liquid for up to twelve hours.  I am not sure why I thought they would be hard.  Perhaps because of the lovely shine and glass-like effect.  They are actually more like a hardened jelly cup.  All the flavours were quite tasty and I can see how they would complement certain cocktails really well.  They come in two sizes, 2oz and 6oz, and you can order a sleeve with customized printing for your wedding design. If you don't happen to want to eat your cup, they are of course biodegradable.  These would definitely be a fun topic of conversation if you incorporate them into your event!

Their flavours are inspired about the five different tastes: BITTER bitters, SALTY lime, SOUR lemon, SWEET vanilla and SPICY pepper

1. My camera phone at the tasting  2. Image via LOLIWARE