Edible Cups by LOLIWARE

We had a fun tasting of these handmade edible cups by LOLIWARE.  The cups are vegan, made with a base of fruit pectin and sweetened with evaporated cane sugar. They hold liquid for up to twelve hours.  I am not sure why I thought they would be hard.  Perhaps because of the lovely shine and glass-like effect.  They are actually more like a hardened jelly cup.  All the flavours were quite tasty and I can see how they would complement certain cocktails really well.  They come in two sizes, 2oz and 6oz, and you can order a sleeve with customized printing for your wedding design. If you don't happen to want to eat your cup, they are of course biodegradable.  These would definitely be a fun topic of conversation if you incorporate them into your event!

Their flavours are inspired about the five different tastes: BITTER bitters, SALTY lime, SOUR lemon, SWEET vanilla and SPICY pepper

1. My camera phone at the tasting  2. Image via LOLIWARE

Days of Summer

We are easing into the last few weeks of summer and I feel I have not been to enough barbecues yet!  Here are some totally adorable mini hot dogs that I came across from Peter Callahan, the master of mini food.  I find it just so fun when you shrink down a normal size dish into a perfect little bite for cocktail hour.  Lobster rolls, burgers, croque monsieur, fish tacos, the ideas are endless!

Photography by Mel Barlow via the Bridal Guide

Weekend in London

I just got back to New York from a weekend trip to London.  Lots of Union Jack flags were up from the Diamond Jubilee celebration with the characteristic grey clouds I remembered.

Of course I had my obligatory breakfast fry-up, along with a Cornish pasty, chicken and mushroom pie, and fish and chips along the way.

I attended my dear friend's wedding at the Orangery in Holland Park.  Such a fun and intimate celebration.  Congratulations again F+R!

The sun came out on our last day and I spent a glorious morning in Regent's Park with my family.  My two year old nephew requested a boat ride, so we rented two paddle boats for a spin around the lake.  This was topped off with a stroll through the annual Marylebone Summer Fayre.  A short and sweet trip to London.

Images by Ang Weddings and Events

Sonnier & Castle

My clients invited me to their tasting at Sonnier & Castle.  Being someone who loves food, I was more than happy to attend!  I was really blown away with all of the food that was presented at the tasting.  Forget about "wedding banquet" food.  This was New York City restaurant quality food.  Wonderfully fresh ingredients and dishes that were executed so masterfully.  We tasted 8 hors d'ouvres, 2 first courses, 6 main courses, and 7 desserts.  Everything was so good that I cleaned my plate with every course.  Good thing I wore a roomy wrap dress that day!Sonnier & Castle had worked hard to incorporate Indian, Southern and French flavours into the menu.  The Groom-to-be being of Indian descent, the Bride-to-be from the South and the fact that they both currently live in Paris.

The food not only tasted delicious, but it was all presented so beautifully as well.  The hors d'ouvres were presented on different Sonnier & Castle platters, which had also been decorated with edible sauces and garnishes.  Unfortunately my camera got forgotten when those came out and I was thinking more about eating at that point.  I did remember to take pictures of some of the courses though.  Enjoy!

Jerusalem Artichoke Veloute, Wild Mushroom Custard and Walnut Bread Tuile

Oven Roasted Chicken with Za'atar Spices, Thumbelina Carrot, Potato, Natural Jus

Braised Beef Short Rib, Tomato, Swiss Chard, Rosemary Polenta, Beef Mustarda

If food is really important to you, you should definitely look into Sonnier & Castle for the catering of your wedding or special event!

Photography by Ang Weddings and Events