4th Anniversary

It is our 4th wedding anniversary today.  I have a big wedding this weekend, so my husband agreed to shift our celebration to next week.  Being big fans of Michael White, we are off to Ai Fiori, one of his restaurants we have yet to try.  The traditional gift for the 4th anniversary is fruit or flowers.  I made my husband the biggest fruit salad our refrigerator could physically hold.  It might take us a week to eat it.  He was much more creative and gave me a floral scarf and some beautiful flowers.  Happy anniversary to my love.  

Photography by the incredible Susan Stripling at Wave Hill, who gave us priceless memories of that day.  As a side note, 4 years on, and I still adore the gown I chose by the brilliant Angel Sanchez.  I did wonder how long I would love it given that it was a different one shoulder gown with bold floral appliqués.  Still love it!