Being a Guest

Since my job is working weddings, I take particular delight in getting to attend a wedding as a guest.  Even better when it is my sister's wedding in Bath UK.  I love the two dresses she wore, a tea length coast dress and a fun flapper dress she found in a vintage store.  I especially adore the picture that Dasha Caffrey captured of my sister leaping in the air (she is a beautiful dancer).  Originally planning to have a garden party, we were rained out.  We ended up having a house party at The Duchy, a Georgian townhouse that His Royal Highness Prince Charles had owned for many years.  Later on we moved to one my sister's favourite pubs the King William for a delicious dinner.  Being a wedding in the UK, I used the opportunity to wear a ginormous blush fascinator.  If you can't wear one there, where can you?bath uk wedding-1

bath uk wedding-2

bath uk wedding-3

bath uk wedding-4

Photography by Dasha Caffrey Photography