This has been a very busy November, as we just completed three weddings over three consecutive weekends.  I don't tend to book so many things together as I like to space things out.  However two of these were full planning weddings, and those were the dates that worked out best for the venues we wanted and the auspicious date for a Chinese wedding.  When a month of coordination wedding for a client of Fiona Conrad presented itself as the third, it was hard to say no as I love her work.  There was a nice gradation with these weddings, as we had 300, then 200 and then 100 guests at each.  They were all so different as well.  One of the reasons why I love this job so much is bringing to life different couples' visions and often they can be so varied in style.  The first had a very clean and contemporary style with lots of whites and greens in a white loft space Three Sixty.  The second a classic and traditional wedding at an iconic New York venue, the Central Park Boathouse.  The third wedding at Morningside Castle had a lot of fun DIY elements that our crafty bride had spent months working on.Someone asked me recently if this job was what I had expected it to be.  I think the biggest surprise when I started doing this was the physical aspect of it.  I'm certainly not 21 years old anymore.  Coming from a corporate job of seven years, where I sat in front of a computer all day, my body was in for a surprise!  Even though I always worked out regularly, and walked everywhere, being on your feet for 12-15 hours on a wedding day is a whole new thing.  The first few weddings I did were tough, but your body learns, and now it isn't so bad.  Having said that, it did feel good after our third November wedding to be able to put my feet up and not have to start working immediately on a wedding for the following weekend.  No chance of sleeping in, as I have a 9month old baby at home, but it was still nice to finally take a day off.  Thank you to my wonderful assistants Laureen and Ashley, who are invaluable on big wedding days.

I can't wait to share images of these weddings with you from some incredible photographers, Susan Stripling, Christian Oth Studio and Mademoiselle Fiona.  In the meantime, here are a few instagrams from my iphone.

three sixty wedding monique lhuillier

three sixty wedding

central park boathouse wedding

central park boathouse wedding escort card table

morningside caslte wedding menu doily

morningside castle escort table

Photography by Ang Weddings and Events