Wave Hill Renovations

After a  two year renovation, Wave Hill House is open again.  I was very excited to see it at the final walk through for an upcoming wedding with Saipua.  The gardens were looking spectacular as usual.  It had just rained, making everything look even more lush and smell so fresh.  We were all eager to see the interior of the house. They have installed new lighting in Armor Hall, which now really shows off the beautiful wooden ceiling.  One of the many reasons I fell in love with this place when I was getting married myself.  The cute little balcony in Armor Hall is back in working order too.  Perfect for the photographer to get a shot of the whole room.  Also added were an elevator, ramp and new bathrooms.  Below are some snaps I took on instagram.Mark Twain spent some time at Wave Hill.  “I believe we have the noblest roaring blasts here I have ever known on land,” he wrote. “They sing their hoarse song through the treetops with a splendid energy that thrills me and uplifts me and makes me want to live always.”

wave hill wedding-1

wave hill wedding-3

wave hill gardens

wave hill house

wave hill wedding-2

wave hill tree

Photography by Ang Weddings and Events