Helpful Hint: A Little Trick for Corsages

There are generally three options for personal flowers for the Mothers, Grandmothers and other important ladies in the Bride and Groom's families.  You can do a mini bouquet like a posy, a wrist corsage or a pin on corsage.  I personally prefer posies or wrist corsages.  If you choose to do a pin on corsage, I always encourage a corsage that is small and lightweight, like this lovely corsage by Holly Flora.  Pin on corsages work if you are wearing a structured dress, or wearing a jacket over your dress which has a sturdy lapel.  If you are wearing a lightweight dress made of a delicate material, pinning on a corsage could weigh it down and damage the material.  With a strapless dress, it is impossible to pin this on.  If you are ever presented with a heavy corsage, and you do not want to pin this on to your dress, you can easily convert this to a wrist corsage with the aid of a simple hairband. Insert the pin along the stem of the corsage in a reverse direction to the flowers, so the head of the pin is just under the bottom edge of the flowers.  Put a thick hairband around the stem and tuck it under the head of the pin.  Try and hide this under the bottom edge of the flowers, so you cannot see the pin or the hairband.  Place the hairband over the lady's wrist and voila!  I always have lots of hairbands in my bridal emergency kit just in case.

Floral Design Holly Flora Photography Samuel Lippke Studios via Style Me Pretty