Honeymoon Registry

Some of the couples that I work with already live together and have already created a home.  They do not need household items like furniture and kitchen supplies.  They may already have bought beautiful pieces of furniture for their home that they have little interest in replacing.  Considering the size of the average New York City apartment, they do not want more items that they have little storage for.  For these couples, I like to suggest doing a honeymoon registry.  If you use sites like Honeyfund, you can create your own gift registry with items like flights, hotels, romantic champagne dinners and activities like scuba diving, zip lining or hiking.  For the larger budget items, you can portion them into reasonable amounts.  Perhaps it will allow you to visit nicer restaurants or stay at more luxurious hotels than you were originally planning to.  The gifts are paid directly to you.  When you write your thank you notes, you can tell your guests about your experiences and how much you enjoyed their gift.

Image via Amanyara