South Africa

Four glorious days at the Madikwe Game Reserve, South AfricaMale Kudu

Female Impala


Making friends with a chameleon

Bachelor group of male Impala

Herd of Zebra

Wildebeest tagging along with the Zebra

One of the Big Five, African Buffalo.  We kept our distance

Baby Zebra less than a day old

Hard to see, but a Baboon is hidden in the crook of the tree on the lookout

African Wild Dog, second most endangered canine after the Ethiopian Wolf

We didn't realise there was an old elephant bull on the side of the road until we were almost on top of him.  He decided to charge our vehicle....

...but calmed down after a while

I never get tired to seeing another magnificent elephant

We were so lucky to be able to see a family of four Lion cubs, about 3-4months old

Seriously how cute is this...

Big Daddy

We stopped for a beer on the roadside and a white rhino and her baby walked up to us and circled before walking away.  Magical

It was my first time on a safari and I really hope not my last

Photography by Ang Weddings and Events