Borough Market

New York has lots of museums, but I sometimes forget to take advantage of what is right around the corner.  It takes a flight across the Atlantic Ocean for me to get to a museum.  I visited the Saatchi Gallery earlier this week and the Natural History Museum today.  It was the exhibit for the annual wildlife photographer of the year.  I really wish that exhibit had New York as part of its tour.  The images are incredible.

Then I was off to Borough Market, a place I went to regularly when I lived in London.  Whenever I am travelling, eating the local food is one of my greatest pleasures and going to the local market is not far behind.  Borough Market is full of excellent British produce and International fare.

The restaurant Roast overlooks Borough market.  Any restaurant connected to a market is often worth a visit, and this was a great example.

Deep-fried whitebait with tartare sauce and lemon.

Goosnarch chicken legs with baked potato and winter mushrooms.

Mulled Bramley apple, cranberry and almond crumble with English custard.  Almost all my school dinners in Cambridge had pudding smothered in custard, so eating custard brings back childhood memories for me.  This was a much tastier, vanilla speckled version, compared to what I remembered!

Photography by Ang Weddings and Events