Visit to London

After landing in London last night, I grabbed a Cornish pasty before getting getting some shut eye.  This morning, I had breakfast at an amazing French bakery Paul, one of my favourite places.  A cappuccino and a ham and emmental croissant was the perfect start to my day.

I lived in the Cambridge for eleven years and London for two years, so I have many fond memories of the UK.  I liked hearing the many accents as I walked around London.  It has been a while since I heard "innit?".  It made me smile.

It was great catching up with my friends today.  I had a full english breakfast for lunch at Kopapa.  Dinner was at the restaurant at St John Hotel (Fergus Henderson is known for Nose to Tail Eating).  For breakfast tomorrow I picked up some crumpets.  Nothing like toasted crumpets with real butter.  I really should have worked out more before this trip.

London is such a beautiful city.  It feels good to be back for a week.

Photography by Ang Weddings and Events