Red Egg and Ginger Man Yue Party

My friends had a man yue celebration for their son this past weekend.  Man yue means full month in Mandarin and is a traditional Chinese celebration after the first month of the baby's birth.  It is a party for the proud parents to introduce their baby to their friends and relatives.  In the past, when infant mortality was high, the baby reaching one month of age was a reason for celebration and the belief that the baby was likely to survive.The party was held at Chinatown Brasserie, which reminds me a lot of Wong Kar Wai's In The Mood for Love.  Lots of dark wood and deep red lanterns.


Man yue is also called the red egg and ginger party.


Boiled eggs that have been dyed red are served to guests.  As in Chinese weddings and other festivals, the colour red represents happiness and good luck.


In Chinese cuisine, the balance of yin (cold) and yang (hot) is important.  Ginger represents yang and is given to the mother, whose state has been weakened by giving birth.  My husband and I love pickled ginger, so we had no problem devouring this plate.  My yang was high!

The food was delicious and I wish I had more pictures to share with you, but I sometimes get too excited as each course arrives and the camera gets forgotten as I pick up my chopsticks.  Here is the only picture I snapped of the yummy ribs.

J is a total cutie pie.  Congratulations little one!  It was so fun celebrating with you.