Get Creative With Table Names

Anything that brings more of your personality into the wedding is good in my books.  Instead of just using table numbers, why not name your tables something meaningful?  There are so many creative ways you can go with this.  Here are some ideas:

  • The places where you have vacationed together.  One of my clients also included a picture of them on vacation at each location
  • Your favourite restaurants where you both fell in love
  • Something to do with your culture, e.g. for my Japanese friend's wedding, she decided to use different types of tea
  • If you both love to rock climb, scuba dive, hike, golf or ski, your favourite places for doing those activities
  • The neighbourhoods in the city that you live
  • Your favourite wines or foods
  • Something to do with your career, e.g. I saw a yoga teacher name her tables different yoga poses, including a silhouette of each pose
  • If you are having a destination wedding, words to describe your destination
  • Your favourite musicians, bands or songs
  • Your favourite movies or TV shows