Helpful Hint - Bridal Hanger


I hope you all had a lovely Labor Day weekend.  I was in New York, enjoying the last quiet weekend in the City before the crowds get back.  

Photography of the bride getting ready often creates my favourite images.  There is so much excitement in the air.  Try to bring a nice hanger for your wedding gown.  It could be a satin hanger or a simple wooden hanger.  Etsy also has many personalized options.  Just before you get into your gown, unpack the tissue that it has been stuffed with and switch the hanger to your nice hanger.  It will look much nicer in your pictures than the thin wire or clear plastic hanger that it often comes with.  A beautiful designer gown deserves a beautiful hanger for its pictures.  It will help if your hanger has grooves for the hanging strips and is a flat hanger, not curved, as I find this gives more options when the photographer is looking for a place to hang it.  As a wedding planner, I always carry a nice wooden hanger in my emergency bridal kit.  Just in case my bride needs it.  

Photography by Karen Wise via SMP