Using Fruits in Wedding Decor

I just had dinner with my in-laws and they gave us some fresh picked peaches from New Jersey.  They are so juicy and delicious!  There is something magical about that Jersey soil.  I tend to go a bit peach crazy in the summer and like to eat at least one a day.  

I do like the use of fruits in weddings, especially for summer weddings.  You can pin escort cards to individual fruits.  Just bear in mind that the guests will take these into the reception room, so make sure whatever fruit you choose matches with the rest of your table decor.  


Use them in floral arrangements for a bountiful centerpiece.


You can also arrange fruits simply in a wooden crate or porcelain bowl.  I like this for long rectangular tables, alternating flowers with fruit.  It creates different elements of interest for your guests to look at.  Fruits in season are cheap too!  


1.Photography by Michael and Anna Costa via Style Me Pretty  2.Image via Martha Stewart  3.Image via Pepper Design Blog