Korean Wedding Ceremony


My clients decided to have a Korean wedding ceremony a few days before their wedding as the bride's family is Korean.  It was so sweet to see the groom's family be so excited to learn new customs.  I was honoured to be part of a ceremony that included family and close friends.

My favourite part was when the groom gave the bride's mother a wild goose (now a wooden goose since a live one is hard to come by in Manhattan).  Wild geese mate for life, so this gift was a promise of his faithfulness.

A traditional ceremony takes place at the bride's family home.  In Manhattan you can find photography studios that are set up for the ceremony.  The ceremony takes place around a low table holding a variety of symbolic items.  To seal their vows the couple shared a special white wine poured into a gourd.  They also offered wine to their parents and bowed to them.  The bride offered gifts of dried dates to her in laws, symbols of children.  The parents offered her tea in return.  Lastly the parents threw the dates and the bride tried to catch them in her long skirt.

The wedding banquet included noodle soup.  Long noodles symbolizing a long and happy life.


1.Image via Korean Arts  2.Photography by Ang Weddings and Events