Our First Wedding Anniversary

It was our first wedding anniversary yesterday, and my husband and I went back to Wave Hill for a walk around the grounds.  When you have your wedding there, you become a member for a year, so we have been back a number of times to enjoy the gardens.  It was still as beautiful as I remembered it, with all the summer flowers out in bloom.  Wave Hill House is under restoration during 2011, but they are still accepting a limited number of tented weddings on the grounds. 

We decided to follow the tradition of a paper gift for the first anniversary.  My husband designed and printed a personalised stationary set for me.   It is so easy to send an email, text, facebook update or tweet.  Sometimes I think it is really nice to send someone a hand-written note.  I really love my present!  For his gift, I gave him Sports Illustrated's: The Golf Book.  We are both avid golfers, and it was the best book I found for spectacular pictures, history of the game and commentary on current golfers.  I have to admit, I think I read three quarters of the book before I gift wrapped it for him. 

To top off our day, we had a delicious meal at Anita Lo's Annisa, making our way through the gay pride parade in the West Village.  Congrats again to New York for being the latest state to legalize gay marriage! 


Photo by Susan Stripling.