Amsale Girls

Earlier this year, I was so excited to find out from Linda that she was going to be part of a reality show about working as a consultant at Amsale.  Being a huge fan of Amsale's designs and her light filled flagship salon on Madison Avenue, I couldn't wait for the show to begin.  The Amsale collection has lots of clean lines and a modern aesthetic, which I love.  The gowns manage to be modern, yet timeless.  If you want something more traditional and romantic, look to her Christos collection.  If drama is more your thing, her Kenneth Pool collection has more elaborate gowns.  She has dressed countless celebrities, including Callie and Arizona on Grey's Anatomy.  (Yes I do watch it, one of my guilty pleasures).  I finally got round to watching the season premiere of Amsale Girls on my dvr last night and was in wedding gown heaven.  Looking forward to the next episode!  


Photos via Amsale