What is Month of Coordination?

Perhaps you and your fiance want to plan your wedding on your own, but on the day you want to hand over responsibility to an event coordinator.  After all, you want to be enjoying yourselves on your wedding day, instead of worrying that your escort table is set up correctly and the band arrives on time.  Some couples like to incorporate a lot of personalised details into their wedding and someone will have to pick up, set up and return those items.  Instead of leaning on your bridal party and family to handle the little details, you should consider hiring an event coordinator.  

Day of coordination gets talked about a lot in the wedding industry, but I do not think that really exists.  The work for your wedding will have to begin weeks before the event.  I like to consider it month of coordination, as I meet with my clients a month before the wedding to get the full download of everything that they have planned.  For the month leading up to and including the wedding, I become the point of contact for all the wedding vendors.  

I build a timeline of events, detailing everything including the hair and makeup schedule, transport for the bridal party, setup and delivery times for the vendors, ceremony processional, recessional, speeches, first dance, cake cutting and vendor contract times.  I use my experience to let clients know if what they have planned will work, and if they need to pad more time or shift things around.  If a wedding is outside, an equally detailed rain contingency plan will be formulated.  

I create comprehensive checklists of items to be brought to the venue and items that need to be returned later that night.  Each room at the venue will have a detailed set up list, and which vendors are responsible for each item.  

A successful event is part project management and part an art form.  As an event coordinator, I read the guests to figure out if I need to change up the music, que a speech during a lull, or hold back the second course as the guests are having such a great time on the dance floor.  

There are a lot of moving parts to a wedding.  My job is to think of every possible scenario that could happen and figure out the best way of handling it.  My clients' job is to enjoy themselves!