Cherry Blossom Engagement

Hanami ("flower viewing") is the Japanese tradition of enjoying the beauty of flowers, almost always meaning cherry blossoms or umi blossoms.  Carrina and Moses's engagement pictures were taken at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens, where Hanami is celebrated from April 2nd to May 1st.  

If your budget allows, I would recommend taking engagement pictures.  Unless you and your fiance happen to both be editorial models and are used to having your picture professionally taken, it allows you both to get comfortable with your photographer before the wedding.  My favourite pictures are always when the bride and groom look relaxed and not too posed.  You could take pictures at a location that has a personal meaning to you both, or somewhere beautiful that you will not be able to get to on the wedding day.  Some brides like to do a makeup trial the same day, so they see how it will look in pictures.

Photography by Christian Clothier.  Welcome to the blog!