Pratt House

I had the pleasure of helping Annie Lee at a wedding at the beautiful Pratt House.  If you are looking for an intimate venue in the centre of Manhattan, I do think it is worth checking out.  The town house was built during 1919-1920 for Mr. and Mrs. Harold Irving Pratt.  Here are some reasons why I like it!

  • The multiple rooms in this venue help the event to flow, as guests move from one space to another for different parts of the evening.  No need to flip a room.
  • The exterior is limestone and the inside floors are parquet, oak or marble.  Check out the pictures of that marble staircase!  The building is really quite stunning, but still feels cozy at the same time.
  • Located on 68th St and Park Ave, you are very close to Central Park.  You could arrange for some pre-wedding pictures to be taken at the park and on the streets of New York.  I still love those yellow taxi cab shots.