Destination Weddings


I just heard today that my good friends who live in London are going to have their wedding in South Africa!  I cannot wait to get more details about their special day.  Destination weddings can make for such an intimate event.  Having your closest family and friends travel with you to a beautiful location and being able to spend more time with them over the course of a few days.  You are probably going to be somewhere amazing, so you can just continue with your honeymoon there! 

Some tips for a destination wedding:

  • If possible, see the venue in person and meet the onsite event manager before making your decision.
  • Bring your gown with you.  You do not want it stuck in customs!  When choosing a gown, consider how you are going to be able to pack it.  A slimmer silhouette would be easier than a full ballgown.  Is the material going to crease easily?  Make sure you bring a steam brush with you to steam out those wrinkles.  Do not carry the gown onboard expecting to be able to hang it up in first class.  After the dress has been stuffed with tissue, place it in a garment bag, fold it gently and pack it into a rolling bag to carry on. 
  • If you cannot find what you are looking for at the destination, get it locally and ship it.  Paper goods like menus, programmes, escort cards and place cards are easily packed and shipped.  
  • Send your guests some helpful tips on how to get there.  Flight options, getting to the hotel and visa requirements. 
  • Have the front desk welcome your guests with a beverage.  Provide a welcome bag with items like maps, snacks, beverages and aspirin.  Bug spray and sunblock for the tropics.  A scarf and chapstick for the snowier locales.  Include a list of sightseeing destinations and recommended restaurants.  A personalised handwritten welcome note would also be a lovely touch.